· Export ARES War game system(Indonesia)
· Export Marine integrated training system(Turkmenistan)
· Performance improvement of combat intelligence process system
· Develope Electronic Warfare simulation
· Develope Air defense network control and reporting system of Air Force
· Develope Core service component
· Develope Flight test control system
· Develope next-generation war game interoperability system
· Prior research and development of Cheonghae model
· Develope ACAM(Air force Combat Analysis Model)
· Prior research and development of Taegeuk JOS model performance improvement
· Develope AAWM(Anti-Air Warfare Model)
· Develope interoperability of Combat Service Support model
· Develope SBA integrated information system
· Develope ship tactical training system
· Construct Integrated communication system/Passive Sonar Simulator
· Construct Improved Harpoon Launcher System Simulator
· Improve and analyze of Surface-to-air simulation system under the HLA distributed simulation environment
· Make Multiband integrated EW method generator
· Develope Anti-ship warfare operating tactics analysis SW