ARES-J model is a Joint Operation Training Model for command & staff officers of Joint forces. It runs in real-time and simulates diverse operations Ground, Navy, Air, Special, Intelligence, Joint and Combined operation.
It has been exported to overseas for its excellent performance of simulation.

ARES-J™ System Architecture


  • Simulate all types of Joint operation Ground, Navy, Air and Amphibious operation(3D image support)
  • Simulate Integrated strategic intelligence including strategic intelligence collection & analysis
  • Simulate Logistics interoperated with railroad, port and air
  • Simulate Joint special warfare including local provocation, Counter terror, Disaster prevention, Massive refugees etc.

Key Functions

  • Provide Joint operations environment connected with more than 1,000 clients PC
  • Provide more than 50,000 unit platforms
  • Provide convenience to excellent user with window based GUI environment
  • Provide outstanding of Extensibility, Modification and Flexibility based on DEVS
  • Ensure easy interoperability with other model based on object oriented modeling & next generation HLA/RTI

ARES-J™ IGI (Interactive Gamer interface)