ARES-G was developed by the Ares Co.,Ltd. specifically to provide computer-based battle simulation support for ground training exercises. ARES-G is a Training Model for command & staff officers from small unit to corps level.
It runs in real-time and simulates in detail terrain and weapon system of friend & foe. It guarantees system extensibility and interoperability with other models.

ARES-G™ System Architecture


  • Simulate diverse ground operations including Maneuver, C3, Combat support, Combat service support and special operations
  • Simulate and analyze ground operation training under supporting Navy and Air Force
  • Simulate operation of unit intelligence resources(Human Intelligence, RASIT, TOD, UAV etc.), Intelligence collection/Analysis/Distribution of information
  • Simulate Counter Amphibious, Anti-airborne, Counter guerrilla and Rear Area Operation etc.

Key Functions

  • Provide platforms from individual platform(soldier, tank) and squad to regiment level
  • Provide high resolution situation map using Vector and Raster map information
  • Provide outstanding of Extensibility, Modification and Flexibility based on DEVS modeling
  • Ensure easy interoperability with other model based on object oriented modeling & next generation HLA/RTI

ARES-G™ IGI (Interactive Gamer interface)