ARES-N model simulates all type of naval operation for command & staff officers training and is for world wide navy war game model to maximize user convenience using by optimized GUI.

ARES-N™ System Architecture


  • All type of naval operation warfare simulation such as Anti-surface warfare, Anti-air warfare and Anti- submarine warfare
  • Detailed simulation of amphibious operation such as Embark, Move & assault, Mine warfare, Special warfare, Navy aircraft warfare
  • Naval logistic, Medical/Maintenance support

Key Functions

  • Various platforms support such as global ship, aircraft and submarine
  • Various naval combat field environment support such as surface, underwater, port and coastal characters
  • High resolution sea map support using by global digital map for naval operation
  • Outstanding of Extensibility, Modification and Flexibility based on DEVS engine
  • Easy confederation with other model caused by object oriented modeling & next generation HLA/RTI

ARES-N™ IGI (Interactive Gamer interface)