ARES-A is a war game simulation model that simulate a global Air Force operation in order to train command and staff officers in real-time and maximize user convenience by optimizing Graphic User Interface(GUI).

ARES-A™ System Architecture


  • Able to simulate all kinds of Air operation simulation including DCA/OCA
  • Simulation of CAS including Air to Ground and Air to Sea
  • Simulation of Air combat support operation such as AWACS, AIR REF, EC, SAR and Air patrol
  • Simulation of IADS(Integrated Air Defense System) operation including SAM, RADAR and Air assets

Key functions

  • Dogfighting provision based on dynamic characteristics of various aircraft type
  • Armed Air missions provision such as Missile, Bomb, Rocket and Gun
  • Real-time similar aviation mission state provision
  • Outstanding of Extensibility, Modification and Flexibility based on DEVS engine
  • Easy confederation with other model caused by object oriented modeling & next generation HLA/RTI

ARES-A™ IGI (Interactive Gamer interface)