EWM is a model that analyzes the performance and requirements of EW equipment considering the enemy’s tactics.
EWM simulates the reflection and scattering of electrons waves within 3D terrain environment and then provides the simulation result similar to real battle field when input operational data such as the performance of EW equipment, the environment parameters and enemy unit tactics.

EWM System Architecture


  • Simulate various EW equipment performance(frequency, output and ANT gain etc.)
  • Electronic LOS(Line Of Sight) simulation based on electromagnetic wave characteristic(diffraction, reflection and polarization) within 3D condition
  • EW units/equipment and organization/optimized EW needs analysis under the tactical operational situation of enemy

Key Functions

  • Able to do display whole process on one screen from data input/edit data to output result such as EW equipment performance and enemy unit operation information
  • Analysis data display on situation screen by visualization method or tool such as Excel table etc.
  • Easy extendable and new simulation logic adaptable using by DEVS modeling method
  • Able to operate from Server to PC level
Electronics Wave Detection Map
LOS Map of Electronics
EW Report