AAWM is a analysis model for Air Defense to analyze weapon system and organization system of Air Defense and provides similar analyzed data simulated by dynamic character of aircraft and engagement capability of AD weapon system within 3D environment when input capability of SAM, Rader, AAA, environmental parameter and threat of enemy aircraft.

AAWM System Architecture


  • Simulates various AD weapon system that need to AD warfare performance(Rader, Range and Kill rate etc.)
  • Simulation of tactics and operation of enemy Air Force units within 3D environment, including aircraft dynamic characteristics
  • Analysis and evaluate the performance of AD units/combat system, optimum organization and assessment of requirements

Key Functions

  • Able to do display whole process on one screen from data input/edit to result out put of AD weapon system character and enemy unit operation information
  • Analysis data display on situation screen by visualization method or tool such as Excel table etc.
  • Easy extendable and simulation logic adaptable using by DEVS modeling method
  • Able to operate from Server to PC level
Radar Analysis LOS Map
Terrain Elevation Analysis
Engagement Report