ACAM is the first engagement & engineering model of Air Force and is a tool to analyze MOP, MOE and MOFE of Armed Air effect for Air Space operation.

ACAM System Architecture


  • Air operation & aircraft tactics simulation by hybrid engine joined with discrete event engine & physics engine
  • Provides tactical effect analysis by simulating combat mission composed of single aircraft or formation in individual units
  • Provides the engage process analysis of aircraft and missile maneuvers in 3D environment
  • Recommendation the optimal weapons for air-to-ground mission performance by simulating the ground attack process

Key Functions

  • Provide analysis of target destruction, weapons consumption and loss by engagement situations
  • An effect analysis of weapons release and PD rate on the target of engineering level
  • 2D/ 3D image analysis features
Engagement Process Display
Target Destroy Display by 3D
Situation Display by 2D