SPS-100k Simulator is a training simulator system for surface search radar SPS100K-CBT onboard naval ship and improve equipment operating skill and develop practical adaptation ability for R/D operator.

SPS-100k Simulator System Architecture

Key Functions

  • Control : Transmitter/Receiver control
  • - Reflected wave control function, False image remove and Transmitted pul

  • Track : Target tracking function
  • - Auto/Manual tracking, Target information, Symbol type setup, Tracking and after image display

  • Operation : Display operation
  • - Shift, Contact range setup, Target expansion and Environment setup, TGT crossing point, Drawing, Coordinate, Range circle display

  • Navigation : Ship’s course setup function
  • - CPA-TCPA, Ship’s course, Timer and Support menu setup

Instructor Controller Display
Operator Console Display 1
Operator Console Display 2