NGVACS is a training system for anti-Air weapon system(20mm V/C) onboard naval ship and able to provide similar fire process and function simulation from target tracking, gunfire training, result analysis and evaluation.

NGVACS System Architecture

NGVACS Key Functions

  • Training Control : Training start/end, Target create/delete, Scenario create, etc.
  • 3D Image/Sound Control : 3D Object real-time simulation, Sound control by position
  • Gyro Function : Target tracking & Leading angle calculation
  • Navigation Function : Ship’s maneuvering route setting / Route move function
  • Warhead Flight Function : Ability to calculate the flight coordinates of the launch warhead
  • Motion Control Function : Ability to control ship action
  • Vulcan Operation Control : Operation control function according to elevation/azimuth angle driving
  • AAR Function : Trainee evaluation/Data management function
Vulcan Simulator
Sight / Panel