APS is a simulator that provide the various scenario and environment such as free fall, parachute open, space maneuver, etc. within full 3D image when pilot emergency ejection occurred. And is a simulator that can improve indirect training experience and ability to react by conducting training participants repeatedly.

APS System Architecture

Key Functions

  • High altitude free fall simulation
  • A various parachute trouble shooting simulation
  • A noise sound of parachute simulation(free fall, canopy opened shock etc.)
  • Terrain & Weather DB provision
  • Operation tool test set simulation(altimeter, GPS etc.)
  • Simulate the type of parachute open
  • Communication simulation among trainer
  • Tail wind simulated for increasing the parachute feeling
  • Simulate the type of parachute(circle, semicircle, rectangle etc.) and 3D animation
Instructor Controller Display
3rd View-Point Display
3D Virtual Environment Display