DAGAIE Simulator is a Missile Decoy training system of DAGAIE installed on DDH class ship and able to provide similar operational process & environment in real things and increases practical adaptation and provide educational training for trainees

DAGAIE Simulator System Architecture

Key Functions

  • Instructor Controller Function
  • - Operator console control
    - Threat level control getting information from EW
    - Scenario create / edit
    - Test trainees equipment operational skill evaluation / monitoring function

  • Operator Console Function
  • - Select operating mode : Integration / Separate mode
    - Threat information provision to controller / display
    - ON/OFF panel : Equipment operating condition check, System On/Off, Sight/Launch permission
    - Communication panel : Data input / edit

  • Threat warning device : Input parameter function related in threats
Instructor Controller display
Operator Console
Threat Warning Device