APECS Simulator is a EW training system of APECS-II onboard KDX-I(DDH) class ship and provides similar operation process & environment and improve practical adaptation ability and equipment operating skill for EW trainees

APECS-II Simulator System Architecture

Key Functions

  • Instructor Controller Function
  • - Operator console control
    - Provide EW situation : Simulation screen save/replay, Scenario creation/edition
    - Test / Monitoring function : Trainees equipment control ability

  • Operator Console Function
  • - Total system operational situation decision & operating control and display between ES and EA substructure
    - Audio Record/Replay : Receive, Analysis of Radar signal record/replay
    - SRS control/Display : Frequency bandwidth spectrum display/analysis
    - Control Panel/Keyboard(CPK) : Audio/EA high output, Operating mode control
    - Display Control Unit(DCU) : Video display and sync signal generate

Instructor Controller Display
Operator Console
Electromagnetic Waves Management Display