PS Simulator is a training system of passive sonar(WSD-210K, SQR-220K, SQR-230K) onboard naval ship and has capability to improve personal ability for Search, Tracking and Analysis of underwater environment using by various underwater noise.

PS Simulator System Architecture


  • Instructor Controller Function
  • - Training control(Start/End), Sound source creation/transmission
    - Maritime environment setup(water temperature/sound speed information)
    - Trainee monitoring/test, direction and evaluation in real-time
    - Remote control/Trouble signal transmission/Situation display

  • WSD-210K Function
  • - Narrow & Wide range search/drawing function
    - Sound source track/analysis, Target convergence/management
    - Sound sensor channel condition monitoring function

  • SQR-220K / SQR-230K Function
  • Sound information display
    - Wide range search/display, Target tracking/display
    - Sound/Non sound sensor setup, Data display
    - Frequency search/display and Beam analysis classification frequency bandwidth
    - Torpedo alert/Instinct noise check/Display function
    - Display control/Copy/Ship information input/Display function

Instructor Controller Display
ELP Display
Wide Area Search Display
Beam Analysis Display