RealLANDS is innovative real-time 3D visualization software. It offers PC-based users opportunities to view geographic data in a more easily understandable and realistic manner, as if overlooking the data in real time from the aerial view, going beyond limitations when geographic data is viewed on the existing 2D map. 3D visualization of RealLANDS offers geo-referenced data which the general public find difficult to understand by adopting the easiest approach. It manifests its excellence in all areas requiring 3D visualization, including flight surveillance, urban planning, and entertainment games.


  • Fast geographic rendering even on PCs
  • Adjustment of level of detail and audio optimization
  • Free input and editing of texts, symbols, and lines
  • Free input and editing of 3D objects and print-out of AVI files

Key Functions

  • Support various GIS functions(Binary Raster, GeoTIFF, ADRG, DTED, DEM, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, SHP)
  • 3D Modeling Data(3DS) Import
  • AVI, JPG, BMP Export
  • Can insert place name and information in designed spots in the form of string (tag)
  • Unit identification (military icons) can be used.
  • 3D objects (doom, 3D modeling data) can be expressed
  • Navigation by using the keyboard, mouse, joy stick is possible.
  • Movement route setting and automatic play function
  • Can adjust such effects as fog and light.
  • Mark visible geographic altitude by setting color by height (Color table).
  • Support GIS coordinate systems, including, geographic coordinate, UTM, and MGRS.