RealMAP 2D is a tool to visualize numerical vector map information like that of the most popular paper maps. Map symbols can be processed perfectly and most of all one can use the map easily and quickly. In particular, RealMAP 2D® supports ROK Army Mapping Center standards (DGN), National Geographic Information Institute standards (DXF) and SHP, a universal data format, thus it has outstanding data accommodation capabilities. Furthermore, RealMAP 2D is highly useful, as it can freely adjust scale and definition and print out visualized image files. All mapping symbols, free figure drawing and editing function maximizes its efficacy such as electronic situation map.

Key Functions

  • All map symbols are applied on the vector map for viewing.
  • Support various standard vector maps, including DGN, DXF, and SHP.
  • Easy management of stratified attribute layers (on/off)
  • Support various coordinate systems, including geographic coordinate, UTM and TM.
  • Conversion of coordinate system is possible.
  • One can produce high-quality raster maps such as ADRG with various definitions and scales by converting small-capacity vector maps.
  • Self-formatting for efficient illustration of large-scale data (RMV)
  • Various symbols applied to maps are basically provided, thus users can edit/produce maps on their own.