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Collection and Use of Personal Information *

▶ Collection and Use of Personal Information
– Verification of identity for service use, real-name authentication, confirmation of intent to join, age-restricted service usage
– Notification of important information, establishment of communication channels for addressing complaints, collection of accurate delivery information for product delivery
– Providing the latest information on new services and personalized services
– Other purposes for providing smooth and high-quality services

▶ Items of Personal Information Collected
– Name, email, resident registration number, address, contact information, phone number, and other optional information

▶ Retention and Use Period of Personal Information
– Personal information is generally disposed of without delay once the purpose of collection or provision has been achieved.
– However, for the purpose of providing smooth service consultation, the content may be retained for 3 months after the consultation is completed.
In cases where it is necessary to retain it under other laws, such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., it will be retained for a certain period.
※ Only compressed files (zip), image files (jpg, png, gif), and document files (pdf, doc, hwp) of 10MB or less can be attached.